Cooking at Camont

Photo by Tim Clinch

In rural Gascony, Kate Hill teaches the art of French cooking by introducing ingredients at the source.

“Within the hour, the rabbit is in the oven, its flavours mingling with the pancetta, fresh fennel and herbs, and we have our hands in the pastry dough, which turns out to be a 10-minute affair (though you’d never know it when the flakey, golden-brown crust filled with Armagnac-soaked apples comes out of the oven). While we wait for the main course, Kate Hill introduces us to the local way of enjoying steamed white asparagus. She takes a deep clay dish and wedges it on one side with a fork so it sits at an angle. Into this makeshift trough she pours vinaigrette, then uses her hands to dip and eat the spears—tips like this are one reason why you need someone like Kate to do Gascony right.”

From Westjet Magazine

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